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European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education and eq-uni list

European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education (the eq-uni list) links together over 500 hundred practitioners, researchers, teachers and administrators from over 30 countries in Europe and beyond, interested in international exchange around gender equality issues in higher education and research.

The European network on Gender Equality in Higher Education was established in 1998 by the University of Helsinki. The network exchanges information and experiences and keeps connected by an email list eq-uni, and by regular conferences organized in different parts of Europe.

To join the eq-uni list, send an email with the text “subscribe eq-uni” to Leave the subject heading empty and do not use signatures. You will soon receive a request to confirm your subscription. Members can send news, calls for papers, information on new publications and queries to the list, related to gender equality in higher education.

The eq-uni list owner is the University of Helsinki, and the list moderators are Liisa Husu,, and the equality adviser of the University of Helsinki, Terhi Somerkallio,