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Green Meeting

This conference complies with the criteria of the Austrian Eco-label “Green Meetings/Events”.  

Let us think about the environment and our future – act sustainable:
Thank you for your help!

- If this is possible, use environmentally compatible, public means of transportation to travel to the event location, or share a car.

- If you cannot or do not want to do without your car, or if you travel by plane, you can offset your CO2 emissions by means of compensation payments.

- If possible, choose an eco-labelled hotel (Austrian Eco-label, European Ecolabel, EMAS or others).

- Make use of the environmentally benign offers of your hotel (change of towels and bedlinen only when needed or the like).

- Turn off all lights, electronic equipment (TV, air condition system, heating, computer etc.) when you leave the hotel room for some time.

- Reusability = environmental protection: Give preference to drinks served by the glass, meals served on crockery, milk and sugar without individual packaging etc.

- Dispose of your waste (PET, glass, paper, metal, batteries, etc.) via the separate collection systems provided at the hotel and at the event venue.

- Use public transportation or walk.

- If possible, use online registration and/or digital materials instead of paper copies / handouts.

- Use your own writing utensils.

- Return your name badges at the information desk after the event.


In this sense, this conference takes the following measures:

- We only print the most essential documents.

- We only use totally chlorine-free bleached TCF paper for our printed materials.

- Our congress bags are reusable.

- Our badges will be reused.

- Our catering includes sustainable criteria such as regionality, seasonality and organic quality.

- We only use reusable dishes.