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Achterberg Susanne, Dahmen Jennifer: How much gender equality policies fit into the university? A case study from Germany
Balahur Doina: Promoting “cooperation paradigm” for gendering the universities and science organizations. A built-in reflective practice model of real transformation to achieve gender equality in science
Bartosch Ilse: STEM Gender Bias in Austria: – the result of a segregated Educational Schooling System and an exclusive masculine STEM Culture?
Cidlinská Kateřina: Attrition from science – not only free choice, even in the Czech Republic
Costas Ilse, Michalczyk Stephanie, Camus Céline : Gender Effects of New Public Management on Subjectification: A Qualitative Analysis of German and French Academics
Erlemann Martina: Dynamics in the entanglements of gender cultures and disciplinary cultures in science as a key for gender equality: the case of the physical sciences
Hartung Barbara: Evaluation of Gender Research in Lower Saxony
Heller Rachelle S., Janezic Dusanka, Ursic Ivana: The Status of Slovenian Women in Science
Holzinger Florian, Reidl Sybille: Organizational Practices of Paternity Leave
Jansen-Schulz Bettina: “Integrative Gendering-Diversity” – A Strategy for Universities Structures, Teaching and Higher Education Didactics
Jeanrenaud Yves: “Integrative Gendering-Diversity” – A Strategy for Universities Structures, Teaching and Higher Education Didactics
Knoll Bente: Gender Studies at Engineering Faculties in Austria
Kunadt Susann: Family Friendliness at German Higher Education Institutions: About the Effectiveness of Strategies and Measures for the Reconciliation of Science and Care
Lassnigg Lorenz: Contribution: Quantitative Information about sex and gender issues in the Austrian National Education Report - overview and assessment
Mense Lisa, Wegrzyn Eva: Frustrating, but fruitful frictions
Mlakar Annemarie: The Effects of Gender Equality Management in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) - The Implementation of Gender& Diversity Controlling at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Palm Kerstin: The role of science history for changing the self-image of science
Pastor Inma: Usefulness, difficulties and risks in gender plans of European and Latin American Higher Education Institutions
Pépin Anne, Collin Jeanne, Pontois Maria Teresa, Drew Eileen, Marshall Claire, Šidlauskienė Virginija, Jazdauskas Gintautas, Lipinsky Anke, Löther Andrea, Schäfer Maria: Fostering Gender Equality in Research Institutions through Transformational-Gender Action Plans
Pépin Anne, Laugier Sandra: The “Défi Genre” (Gender Challenge Programme) at CNRS
Ramsay Eleanor, McGregor Judy, McCarthy Dianne: New Zealand’s experiment: closing the gender gap in higher education leadership through cumulative cultural Change
Reidl Sybille: The challenges and potentials of gendered innovation projects: an interdisciplinary perspective – a field report
Schacherl Ingrid: Innovations on equal Treatment in Controlling Systems – Types of Gender Equality Management Systems
Scheich Elvira, Schiestl Leli: Diversity in the Cultures of Physics – A European Summer School Project for
Women Physicists

Stout Rohrbauck Karen, Neem Johann, Graham Jim, Andrews Beth: Understanding (Under) Representation in a University Shared Governance System: Building the Future of an Equitable Institution
Thaler Anita, Hofstätter Birgit: Promoting women researchers’ careers. An evaluation of measures in life sciences and ICT.
Zwingenberger Anja: Admission Test for the First Year: Empirical Evidence from a European Business School